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30 Day Card Reading Challenge


30-Day Card Reading Challenge: Develop Your Intuition and Spiritual Connection.


Are you ready ro deepen your intuition and spiritual connection? Join our 30-Day Card Reading Challenge and let’s explore the magic within together! Each day, pull a card, reflect on the question of the day, and share your insights with our vibrant community. Let’s grow and learn together!


**How to Participate:**

1. **Pull a Card**: Use your favorite Oracle or Tarot deck each day.

2. **Reflect on the Question**: Consider the question of the day and how your card relates to it.

3. **Share Your Insights**: Post your card and reflections using the hashtag #30DayCardChallenge.


The purpose of this is to really just give you some insights and suggestions in developing a daily practice with card reading. Don’t forget to use #30DayCardChallenge** to share your journey and connect with others.



30 Day Card Reading Challenge

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